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Thread: [RESOLVED] randomArray with exceptions

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    resolved [RESOLVED] randomArray with exceptions

    I need a some help with some code I've assembled from different websites.
    I want to create an array of 3 random numbers between lets say 1 & 10 but with the exception or the exclusion of lets say 6.
    My limited knowledge of functions, their parameters and loops prevent me for coming up with a solution, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Here's what I've got so far:
    var myNumArray = create_unique_random_array(3,10,5);
    function create_unique_random_array(num_elements,max,current_pic) {
        var temp, nums = new Array;
        for (var element=0; element<num_elements; element++) {
            while((temp=number_found(randomizeMe(this,{maxNumber:max, exempt:current_pic),nums))==-1);
            nums[element] = temp;
        return (nums);
    function number_found (random,number_array) {
        for (var element=0; element<number_array.length; element++) {
            if (random==number_array[element] ) {
                return (-1);
        return (random);
    function randomizeMe(me, options){
        var options = options || {}; // setup the options
        var imExempt = options.exempt || null; // capture the exempt numbers
        var maxNum = options.maxNumber || 0; // capture the maximum number to randomize	
        var rand_no = Math.floor(Math.random()*maxNum); // run the random numbers
        if(imExempt != null){ // check to see if there are any exempt numbers
            imExempt = imExempt.toString(); // turn the exemptions into a string
            for(i=0; i <= maxNum; i++){ // loop throught the set number
                if(imExempt.search(rand_no) != -1){ // check for exempt numbers			
                    return randomizeMe(me, {exempt: imExempt, maxNumber: maxNum}); // start over 
        return rand_no;// return the new random number
    Last edited by Kor; 10-28-2009 at 09:37 AM. Reason: wrap the code [code][/code]

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