I'm thinking of doing a Wiki project that will be a sort of quick reference guide for cross-browser functionality. Users will be able to search for a function, and the guide will show them the best methods and examples for working with all browsers.

I would like to collaborate the efforts of all the programmers out there that post on blogs, forums, and articles about JavaScript. It's going to be similar to Rosetta Code, but with for JavaScript only, and possibly with links back to the corresponding Rosetta Code page. I will also hope to provide links back to Webdeveloper.com articles and discussions.

My focus will be on browser compatibility, rather than linguistics.

1. Am I way off by trying to do something like this?

2. Do you think people will participate?

3. Would WD be offended by my cross linking and recruiting participants here?

My purpose here is that it will hopefully reduce the amount of searching and reading to be done when someone needs to figure something out, and they can further their reading by reading the references and related articles linked right from the page. Perhaps it will encourage people to participate as well.