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Thread: Site Redone in new program...

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    Site Redone in new program...

    Hi all,
    I have left Frontpage and I am now using xara xtreme pro 5. Started over inthis program. If anyone can give me there honest opinion, thats what I am looking for. If someone knows a thing or two about important seo optimizing, please have a look at the source code please. Disreguard the store, it was not worked on as its a different program. Thanks for your time,

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    There are two main things that bother me a little.

    First is the blue glow that outlines the page. There is too much of a contrast between the blue and the purple. The two colors don't go together very well. A soft gray would probably go nice instead of the blue.

    Second is the lack of a hover state on the links so they change color, underline, or something on the links, particularly the buttons.

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    I like your site as a whole but the only disadvantage which I noticed is the type of the text in the middle of the page. To my mind it will be better if you make the inscription "Choward’s Fine Mints & Gum Now on Facebook, Become a fan today!" and one nore under this one in bold type.

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    Thanks for your comments guys.

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