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Thread: New look for a restaurant site...

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    New look for a restaurant site...

    Had an old client call yesterday who wanted to rework their site to match their new menu. Fair enough. I delivered the new design tonight and will get it "found" tomorrow.
    Photos and logo are from the graphics designer and photos will be replaced next week. Client is satisfied because it does replicate the new menu and goes well with their new print campaign.
    I'm not happy with the color choices or font sizes - but the "customer is always right(?)" so I guess this part won't change. A reservations form will probably be added.
    Will pass the critiques on to the client.
    Café de Los Milagros
    • Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional
    • Valid CSS3 (overflow-x and overflow-y for IE hiccups)
    • javascript assisted navigation (degrades nicely with js disabled)

    All comments welcome and appreciated.
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    I'm a designer, so let me give you a piece of advice on the coloration of your site. Why is it so obscure? If you want to transfer the mood of romantic evening then add some purple and dark red color to your page, some photos of beautiful candles will be also appropriate, to my mind.

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    Some php? code is showing, in Firefox 3.5 on Mac at least. "showBottom();?>" is right above your footer, and ", El Cafe de los Milagros">" is right above your header. Also I would save the jpgs with a little better quality. I like your idea of the four square navigation, but I didn't understand it at first. A bit of javascript animation (mootools, jquery) wouldn't be too hard to implement to switch between views and it would make it a whole lot easier to understand. Over all it looks good, but I agree with andr105, a bit more color would be nice. You might want to adjust the kerning of the title.

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    Thanks for the notes!
    Design is by a graphics designer hired to do the "new look".... afraid that probably won't change but will pass the comment on.
    The client delivered the images, the plan is to replace them soon.
    The layout is based an old one I had done several years ago with bright colors... will revisit the nav, but the overall layout has to stay the same at the moment to match the print campaign.
    The php? thanks! There is embeded php in the html... server problem of some sort... am attending to it now. Happened once before when Apache was upgraded... things got commented out in .htaccess
    Thank you both.
    ...but stupidity is terminal.

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