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Thread: How to deal with errors in class constructor?

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    How to deal with errors in class constructor?

    In most other languages, if something goes wrong while creating an object, I can have my constructor return null and that's the end of it, the object is not created.

    Apparently that is not so with PHP. Is there a formal way of halting the creation of an object? Right now I'm throwing an exception, but I just don't like the try and catch blocks, it seems kind of messy to me.

    Is there another way? Or is that the proper way to do it?

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    Usually I use the exception technique if it's possible that something truly ugly can happen in the constructor that must be handled in some way by the client code (which I guess is sort of the definition of an exception). If not, then I would just set some class error flag or message variable which the client code can check if it's interested.
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