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Thread: XML Tutorials don't give me answers. Please Help

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    XML Tutorials don't give me answers. Please Help

    I'm not familiar with XML, I would like to get couple of questions answered to see how I can properly use xml files.

    On my website I have the same numeric data which is used in many different HTML files. That cause issues if I need to update that numeric data in many html files cause it is time consuming. I heard that xml file should take care of that.

    How could I do that with xml file? I assume I need to include the xml file in the html document. In the xml document I need to set the proper numeric record, and only apply the specific xml code in the html file that contains that record in the xml document. The problem is none of the tutorials tell me how to include xml file, and how to insert xml code in the html document where i need it to reside. They only tell me how to properly build xml.

    Can anyone help?
    At least point me in the right direction.

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    you have two options for xml:

    1. mix it on the server side using php, asp, etc
    2. use ajax to grab the file and mix it in with javascript.

    if your data is not already XML, i would highly recommend using JSON instead of XML; it's much simpler, more compact, and gives you real numbers instead of just text...
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    Hi There!
    This is Saniah
    Im new in this site!
    Ok! I got It.
    Thanks for that post.
    Just keep on posting and help the other to their prob.
    Thanks again.
    Good Luck!...

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