Well the title explains it for the most part, I'm having issues coming up with any code that will work to hide the arrows on the coda-slider at the beginning and end of the slides.

I'm using this coda slider http://jqueryfordesigners.com/coda-slider-effect/.
Example page: www.77interactive.com/ADS/micro

I attempted to do it though serialScroll, a plugin that the coda-slider uses, but all I've managed to do is make the arrows inactive and would like them to disappear.

The code following controls the buttons and navigation.
    // apply our left + right buttons
        .before('<img class="scrollButtons left" id="before" onmouseover="this.src=\'img/scroll_left_b.png\'"onmouseout="this.src=\'img/scroll_left_a.png\'" src="img/scroll_left_a.png" alt="prev" />')

        .after('<img class="scrollButtons right" id="after" onmouseover="this.src=\'img/scroll_right_b.png\'" onmouseout="this.src=\'img/scroll_right_a.png\'" src="img/scroll_right_a.png" alt="next" />');

    // handle nav selection
    function selectNav() {

    $('#slider .navigation').find('a').click(selectNav);
I found a comment that said the following:

selectNav function I put this:

if ($(this).hasClass(’primo’)) $(”img.left”).fadeOut(); else if ($(this).hasClass(’ultimo’)) $(”img.right”).fadeOut(); else { $(”img.left”).fadeIn(); $(”img.right”).fadeIn(); }
But every time I attempt to use that, I get syntax errors. I attempted to do it with random if statements, but failed miserably. Here is my navigation code/slider information.

<div id="sliderstart">
  <div id="slider" class="slider">    
	<ul class="navigation"><li><a id="ov1" class="overviewwidth" href="#overview">Overview</a></li><li><a id="ov2" class="dataprotwidth" href="#datap">Data Protection</a></li><li><a id="ov3" class="extmedwidth" href="#extm">External Media</a></li><li><a id="ov4" class="onlclientwidth" href="#oclient">Online Client</a></li><li><a class="auditsyswidth" id="ov5" href="#audits">Audit System</a></li></ul>

            <div class="scroll">
                <div class="scrollContainer" id="entry">
                <div class="panel" id="overview">
That's pretty much it, I'm not sure what I'm missing, so any help would be greatly appreciated!