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Thread: Audio and transcripts - combining

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    Audio and transcripts - combining

    I have a mp3 file (69mins long and as many Mbytes) and it's transcript in a word document. I would like to put some "chapter headings" into the mp3 file and somehow combine the transcript in so a listener can click to another part of the audio. I have got the tape in via Audacity.

    Looking for ideas on how to accessibly combine these (don't want to be flashy about it - just helpfull to the visitor who may be an older person.
    Thanks for your time.

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    I would suggest you break the mp3 up into separate files, one for each chapter and then play them on a media player that uses a playlist to display chater titles. Doing so would be very user friendly, titles clearly displayed, listener could skip to any chapter, buffer time for each would be minimal. If the mp3 is left in one large file, nearly the entire file would have to download before the listener could skip to the last chapter, unless the mp3 is on a streaming server.
    Google for mp3 player with playlist for more info.
    Best wishes,

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