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Thread: Uploading files with PHP scripts

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    Uploading files with PHP scripts

    Does anyone know where I can find a prebuilt file uploader developed in PHP? I already modified code to upload files to a server, but I am looking for something a bit more 'refined'. Does anyone know where I can get an application like this?

    By refined, I mean that it could show when it's uploading (through maybe an animation), and such.


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    Two solutions I found you might want to demo:

    One of the better and more advanced single or multiple upload scripts that shows upload progress bar, works with PHP 5.2 or later and requires APC. Detailed instructions for Linux or Windows setup and how to edit php.ini. Once installed, it's pretty darned fast and cross browser compatible, Javascript is NOT required - this is what makes this one "advanced".

    But if you don't mind a little reliance on Javascript, here is a multiple upload with progress bar side by side, using Ajax, Javascript and PHP compatible. The demo is quite nice.

    Choose the latter if you want "easy" to setup, no frills, simple. Just remember if the user turns off Javascript, all the advanced features die.


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