Hello everyone,
I'm new to the forum and actually also new to JavaScript and PHP.

I've developed a little page with the YouTube Api using Zend Gdata, rebuilt the example file and accustomized it.
My site actually looks like a cheap copy of youtube, meaning that I have a search form, a div for the list of matching videos, another one to be replaced by the swfobject, one for the related videos and the last one ist for some some controllers for the youtube player (some "seekTo" buttons).

The various divs are being showed if necessary. I'm testing with Chrome, Opera, IE7, Opera10, Safari and Firefox 3.5.4. Everything works - except for Firefox.

I load the page, enter a searchterm in the searchform, I then receive a list of videos, klick on a link -> the video shows up and I can seek to a specific time, or load a related video. but if I now enter a new search term in the search form and load a new video from the list, the seekTo-buttons dont work any more and I cant load a related video.

By clicking "search" I call a removeSWF function that replaces the swfobject with an empty div.
All the search results get onClick = "loadvideo(videoId)". This function includes a swfobject.embed()-call, its the same I used for the first search.

The site is not online, only being tested on a local wamp.
Any Idea why firefox refuses to do what I expect?

Thanx to any hint