Hello all, I happened across here and it looked pretty active. I've got a small project I've been having some trouble with. I have only a beginner to intermediate understanding of most web programming, and thought I might find some help here! Here goes;

I've created this page, http://automorrowmusic.com/randomizer. All random strings of text are located in a .js file. I would like to keep it this way so I can add more possibilities later, manually. What I'm looking to do is have an easy to share widget created based on this page for social networking sites. It can be of a very similar look and feel. It should be something fairly small and quick to load, and any files referenced by it would be stored on our site. Also, I would like the widget to be able to generate a new random result without reloading the entire page, only within the widget itself, same goes for the existing web page version of it. It would be an added bonus if there were the ability to tweet the current result, replacing "automorrow sounds like..." with "@automorrow sounds like..." and adding a shortened link to our website at the end, but this is not absolutely necessary. We are broke musicians, but maybe I can interest one of you in some cross promotion or link exchange within the widget?