Hi --
We want to add instructional or informational videos on our web site. We have done some filming, and have it on cd. I haven't looked at the cd yet, but my thought is that I will have to do some editing, etc.

At home I have Adobe Premiere and Vegas Movie Studio (for PC) - I have used them a few times, but not for a couple years or so - my point being that I am not very experienced in these and will have to relearn what I am doing. ; )

At work I have an Imac w/ OSx. I guess my question is - should I have work buy their own programs for Mac (and if so, what?) to edit and save these videos, or should I just try and do this from home?

My main question is -- what software should I tell them to buy at work for Macs, and if they won't dish out the bucks for Premiere, what other programs do I need to accomplish cutting, editing and saving these videos? And what format? mp4? Do I need a separate file conversion program?

Thanks in advance for your help. Of course they dropped this one on us today and need the budget for next year TOMORROW so I am supposed to come up with some answers TODAY. lol -- Corporations. :P