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Thread: Enabling/disabling style sheets remotely..... how to do it?

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    Enabling/disabling style sheets remotely..... how to do it?

    Hi all,

    The standard method for enabling (showing) and disabling (hiding) a css style sheet is this:


    This method is used to change background pictures on a web page to other ones, say, if a user clicks a button or selects a drop-down option.
    You can have two css files with two different pictures, styleSheets[0] and styleSheets[1], and hide and swap them to make the picture change.

    However, "document" always refers to the current window you are in. If a web page has multiple windows (controlled by different css files), does anyone know how to disable the stylesheet of a Different window than the one you are in?

    For example:

    [the other window on the page].document.stylesheets[0].disabled=true??

    ? ? ? ? ?

    That way, you can click a button or change the drop down on one window, and have it affect the PICTURE in the other window.

    I've been stuck on this for days.
    Thanks for any help!
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