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Thread: Onmouseover script problem with Vista

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    Question Onmouseover script problem with Vista

    Hey everyone,

    I'm trying to make a sound by using the mouseover event on JS. The script works fine on my husband's computer (IE8, windows xp), but does not work on mine (IE8, Vista).

    Click on the link below to give you an idea. Just mouseover the images and you should hear an elephant and duck sound. Mouseover the word "elephant" and it "should" make an elephant sound.


    I just need to find a script that will work with different operating systems (or at least windows xp and vista) and browsers (or at least IE)

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I would like to not resort to any macromedia or schockwave scripting.

    Thank you!

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    No. IE8 is IE8, no matter the OS. My guess is that: that application needs QuickTime player to be installed, I presume (at least my FireFox tells me so). One of your computers has it, one has not.

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