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Thread: embed short audio to picture? Newbie question.

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    Question embed short audio to picture? Newbie question.

    I have a 2 part question...First is it possible to embed (or link) a very short audio to a pic, so that when the pic is hovered over the audio plays once....(i am trying to make a turkey gobble)....and can anyone tell how to do it. I have been using html. This is my first website, so i am a newbie, but learning fast

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    I'd use flash for this.
    I can harldy go through it all here but you pretty much need to make a movie clip with the image on the first frame with the frame stopped.
    Have the sound on another layer starting at frame 5, name frame 5 'play'
    Add code a movie clip on the first layer which pretty much says
    on rollover {

    (that code isn't exact, but im sure you can find it online.)


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