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    Hide fieldname in action:mailto form


    I'm designing a little html mailing form for an IE6/Outlook express enviroment at work. The reason I'm doing is, is to create a fixed email from employees to a certain mailbox. I can't use anything like php or cgi, because it's not available to me there.

    I've got it working to a point where I'm completely satisfied, apart from one thing:

    I have a text area

    <textarea name="message" cols="80" rows="15" id="message"></textarea>
    Say someone types "Hello world!" then the body of the email is as followed:

    message=Hello world!
    I would like the 'message=' part not to show up in the email. If you don't name a field however, it's not sent along. The id='message' is necessary for javascript.

    Is there any way to prevent the 'fieldname=' from being sent along?
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