Dear coders,

Here's what's required of me:

A transportation company needs to make the next day's pickup schedule available to the employee drivers in form of an online table. Supposedly, among the intuitive ways for the client to go about it would, perhaps, be saving the spreadsheet to some common format, e.g. CSV, XLS. Then upload it to the server for a PHP script to parse the file and display it on the page as a data grid. Alternatively, they'd make database entries via a back-end interface of some sort.
Most importantly, access to the schedule page would have to be password protected.

If any of you guys happen to know of readily available open source solutions/script sets that would help me get it done, it would be great. I'm not good at PHP scripting but I believe if the right necessary elements were found, I'd find a way to mush them up.
Any suggestions or links to resources would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for you time.
PS. Please do not mistake this for a job offer. This is a small, low-budget project and I can not afford to hire anyone.