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Thread: online test needs time duration as one of the outputs

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    online test needs time duration as one of the outputs

    Very new at this, so no offense meant when it seems I don't know what I am talking about. I have read though many of the scripts, but haven't found one that could handle my need.

    I teach 5 internet astronomy classes and 2 internet/hybrid physics courses – all from out college’s severs. My tests are conducted online where the students can access them from home on specific days. I would like to have a method to record the time taken on the test by each student. I would like help with the following two problems.

    Part I: (Part II is the driving motivation behind Part I) I would like a page to precede the test form page mentioned in Part II. This preceding page will need to check and inform the student if their browser is set for JavaScript. If so, then they may progress to the test page, if not, then they would need to go to a default page to explain what they need to do to activate JavaScript so that they may take the test.

    Part II: I would like a incorporate a JavaScript into some tests I use on the college’s server that will record the starting time and finish time – or just the duration time – so that I will know of the test take has not gone over the allowed time limit of – let’s say 1.5 hours. The test itself, written in FrontPage, in a simple multiple choice test that is sent to me upon completion for grading. I would like to have the time taken on the test to be one of the outputs to what is sent to me. Any ideas?

    thanks - Jeffrey

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    partI just throw the no-scripting complaint inside a <noscript> tag, and it will show up only if javascript is disabled.

    partII you might want to do this on the server, rather than with javascript.
    doing it in javascript allows students to cheat, since they can submit any value they like for a start time. If you somehow obfuscated the start time, issuing it from a server, you can likely prevent them from making up a valid new start time.

    all that said, a simple "dynamically added form element", .value set to the output of Date() will record the start time. You can inject the element into the same front-page form that your quiz uses, and collect the date range alongside the answers.

    The simplest way is to simply tell them they only have 90mins, i'll bet 90&#37; of students would simply believe you, and hurry to complete the test on time...
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