I want to create a simple HTML web contact form that allows the user to upload 1 or 2 files via that single web contact form page (to upload files such as .doc, .pdf, .txt, open office docs, etc) and to have those files automatically uploaded into a Google Docs or Skydrive or some file cloud service like that.

Uploading multiple files on one web contact form is fairly straightforward (I think), but instead of having those uploaded files going simply uploading to the web server I am looking instead to have those uploaded files either automatically emailed or uploaded or API'd or whatever into either a Google Docs directory or perhaps a Skydrive account or something similar.

Also, whenever I log in to Google Docs/Skydrive/whatever then I would like to be able to easily recognize which file uploads are related to each other (such as if a user uploads 2 files on the same web form then both files would have, for example, the same time stamp appended to their FILE NAME).

Note that this should work for all major browsers, and I cannot force use of a toolbar plugin or something like that.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to the best way to proceed? Suggestions using other than PHP (javascript?) are also welcome.