I'm sorry, but my english is bad, because I'm a hungarian man.
I have learned javascript for a week.
I have got a problem. I have got two html files. the names of the files alkalmazasok.html and alkalmazasok1.html. I have got a flash menu, and several links are placed on the flash. The flash is on the alkalmazasok.html. Three frames are on the alkalmazasok1.html. The frames names are _fejlec, _szovegresz, _lablec. The _fejlec frame contains the fejlec.html, the _lablec contains the lablec.html, and the _szovegresz contains the szovegresz.html. I want to do that, it I click on a link on the flash, the szovegresz.html replace it to another html. On the flash the links are point to many different html files, which should open in the _szovegresz frame.
Please help me, how to solve this problem!

Thank you!