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Thread: how to get an image to float?

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    how to get an image to float?

    umm,,, this is kinda hard to explain, and i think i can do it with javascript, not sure..but here goes.

    say i have an iframe, or just some table with some text in it, and i want an image to stay put...say on the top left corner of this iframe/table...say the image is going to be about 200px x 200px so i want part of the image to cover the text or what ever is on the iframe/table so portion of the text would be covered...and i want the image to stay put so when u scroll down the main page it still covers the top left part of the iframe/table...

    thanks, any ideas, recommendations would be appreciated!

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    Play with z-index and overflows (CSS). You can even try absolute positioning
    Good Luck

    Santos Systems

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    wow sweet, exactly what i needed thanks man! im just using trial and error to guess the perfect alignment...is there a more accurate way to find the absolute position?

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