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Thread: Help with 301 redirects - please!

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    Help with 301 redirects - please!

    I'm a rather new website builder/administrator, and have a slightly tricky (for me) problem that I'd like a little help with.

    One page of my website is:


    I've created a 301 redirect to send people from ../blog.html to ../blog.php in case they type that instead (and because the page used to be a html page). This is working fine.

    However, I've noticed that if some people type in:


    they actually get


    which leads to an error (I've set up "branded" error pages). I'd like this one (as it's a common error) to go to the .php blog page, but I can't get 301 redirects to work. The reason is there are lots of sub-pages to the blog folder, and if I do the following redirect:

    Redirect 301 /blog/ http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/blog.php

    it works fine for the specific instance, but causes problems for all the individual blog pages i.e. what should be


    comes out as


    Anyone got any ideas - that they can explain to a simple soul like me?

    Thanks, Simon.

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    Try this
    <FilesMatch .*>
       Options +MultiViews
    It doesn't matter to the server if the file extension is given or not.
    It can give problems if there are files and directories with the same name.
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