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Thread: Getting started with JDK 1.5, Oracle, and Weblogic

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    Getting started with JDK 1.5, Oracle, and Weblogic

    I've been presented with a long-term project opportunity that demands the following:
    a. Oracle database
    b. Java JDK 1.5
    c. Web Logic as the web server
    d. Spring and Hibernate frameworks

    I know that Apache Tomcat would allow me to handle Java Servlets on my dev machine, but I'm not sure how weblogic might fit into this scheme. Also, I'm wondering if it might be possible to get free (as in $0) versions of oracle DB and/or weblogic to install on my dev server for the purpose of developing. I've checked the oracle website and there appear to be a ton of options for oracle DB all costing enormous amounts of money.

    Any advice or anecdotal discussion would be much appreciated.

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    There isn't a reduced price version of Oracle. It is just really expensive. If you use a good database abstraction layer the particular database shouldn't make that much of a difference to your development (though you should know that PL/SQL has better features and slightly different syntax than MySQL or MSSQL statements alone).

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    Oracle DB Express is free. There is not a free version of WebLogic but an Oracle rep hinted that sales might be willing to allow a WebLogic server to be used temporarily for development. I'm thinking a purchase of weblogic would be required.

    At any rate, I would like to be able to develop for this setup on a machine here in my office and I have no plans to purchase weblogic. I'm also having trouble picturing the software setup to get a Java Application Server talking to Oracle DB and a web server with spring and hibernate frameworks on it. Any tips, hints, or resources to help me understand this stack would be very much appreciated.

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