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    Help- Urgent

    I am new to javascript, and I am facing a bit of a problem.

    I have checkboxes which are created dynamically depending on the number of records being returned. With each row of the product being displayed along side the check box there is also a value called 'product rate' which is being returned for every product. I have to ensure via javascript that the products which are checked are all of the same 'product rate'. how do i do this? Please help me this is very urgent! I have tried a lot of things but it is not working. I took a hidden value for the product rate which again gets populated everytime the check box is created but i didn';t understand how do i create and check the values of the product rate for the ones which are sele cted? Please help me someone!

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    Urgent, Urgent! I have no answer since you rambled and really did not give enough information.

    You should actually show a sample and what you tried.

    Also, no one cares it is urgent!

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    Sorry... Was just a little panicky and screwed up my description of the problem at hand! My bad!

    Anyway, I have something known as 'Product Rate' which is being returned from the database on Page Load. I am capturing it in a hidden field hdnProductRate <=intLoop> and this field is also created dynamically along side the check box of the name chkProduct<=intLoop> where this check box is created everytime the loop runs through. The hidden field is also created for the same number of times that the loop runs. I wish to have a check performed which ensures that the check boxes which are checked on that page are all of the same 'Product Rate'.

    How do I compare the values of all the 'Product Rates' of all the check boxes which are selected? I must be able to display an alert if they are of different product rates.

    Hope I sound clearer now. Sorry again, about my previous post!

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