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Thread: Possible to display tooltips for drop down items?

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    Possible to display tooltips for drop down items?

    I'm relatively new to javascript and I want to display separate icon images for each element in a drop down menu when the mouseover event occurs.

    I don't know if this is possible, I haven't seen any examples of it. If anyone knows if this is possible and could point me in a direction I'd appreciate it.


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    I don't know if this is possible but I have a tip for you.
    Read about the "jquery javascript framework". Maybe it can help you to do what do you want.

    good luck!

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    Many browsers do not accept any independent style properties for 'option' elements,
    and some do not respond to mouse events outside of the parent select element.

    It won't hurt anything to set a curser style for an option, and in some browsers it will appear,
    though it is sure to be confusing to mouse over several options with a constantly changing cursor.

    With a lot of css and javascript you can make an unordered list look and act like a select,
    with mouse events for each list item, and a hidden form element to send any selection- but that is a lot of work,
    and it is even more work to make a thing like that keyboard accessible.
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    You can not do this with the values from a SELECT HTML tag.

    You would have to make your own drop down menu using a combination of CSS and Javascript.

    Do a web search for "image drop down menu" to find menus like this:

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    thanks to everyone who replied!

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