Hi forum.

I am a keen photographer and I have sold a fair bit of my work in a small shop that I have. I would like to start selling online and need some help please. I want to create a website that I can sell my photos on that gives options of sizes, mount colours, frames etc. But also I want other photographers to be able to sell their work on the same site by creating an account and uploading their photos. I have a wide format printer so what I want to do is receive orders for myself and also for the other photographers, print them out and deliver them and then send the photographer his commission. The registered photographers would need to be able to log in to check if any of their items had been sold.

I am sure that there must be very many sites that already do something similar to this so I was wondering if there were any free or low cost templates that would help me out. If it's more than what a low cost template can provide what can I get away with paying a designer/ company to do it for me? I wouldn't need any graphical work doing, just the skeleton of the site.

Although my Web Development experience is minimal I do tend to struggle through tasks if I am pointed in the right direction at the start - if there is a package that will do what I have outlined above I would learn it - but I am not sure where to start looking.

Thanks in advance for any help,