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Thread: Adding time to my site

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    Exclamation Adding time to my site


    I'm trying to add the time to my site.
    the codes so far I've found don't run, only update on reload.

    I know there are codes to get the time from the browser,
    but for this site I want to include the UK time as well as the Australia time.

    How would I go about do this?


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    The "updating" has to be done on the client side... so javascript is a good option.
    Next thing is to decide if you want a "digital" clock or clock with hands.
    Try searching for "javascript clock" to find some examples.
    Flash is also an option... there are several good .swf clocks available also.

    For the dual timezones... either get it from the client machine with the local TZ and do the offsets for Oz and UK or you can base it on the server time and do the TZ offset.
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