I am building a help system-like website and I am using a two column table to handle the treeview in the left and the content in the right. I have asked this in the javascript forums (due to the dynamic width) and they suggested I post here. In the left cell I am generating a treeview using divs. These are housed in a 'wrapper' div tag. I am building a resizer that shrinks the width of the treeview's table cell width - but the treeview wrapper div is enforcing its width even though I have it set to overflow: hidden. - Below is a sample, when clicking on the gray vertical bar SHOULD set the cell to a few px, but you can see it is held out to the width of the tree's caption. (I'm testing in FF btw)

    <table id="tblMain" border="1" style="width: 100%;">
	    <td style="vertical-align: top; width: 200px;">
		<div id="splSplitter" onclick="this.parentNode.style.width='2px'" style="height: 400px; cursor: e-resize; position: absolute; z-index: 100; width: 4px; left: 250px; background: #dfdfdf;"></div>
		<div style="overflow: hidden;">
		  <div id="divEdit"><a href="javascript:EditTree()">Edit Tree</a><br><br></div>
		  <div id="divTree"><div id="divFld_1" class="tvwFolder" onclick="ToggleFolder('1');">Documents</div><div id="divFldDiv_1" class="tvwFolderDiv" style="display: none;"></div>
	    <td style="vertical-align: top;">
		<div id="divBody"></div>