Hey all,

I have a website http://www.whiskeyjacks.com that is givign me the strangest issue. Im am a sub-contractor for the front end and CSS of this site.

I am using fancybox(http://fancybox.net/) to display external content.

My issue is is I'm getting a scrollbar appearing within the fancy box. The fancybox pane itself shows full height, but the content inside only expands about 200px and a scrollbar appears. (Just a note, I am using the IE7 compatibility tag.)

This issue only happens in IE. And thats not that strange. IE chokes on height all the time. What makes this strange is it only happens on certain computers. My windows 7 pro, fully updated IE 8 looks fine, my vista IE8 lap top looks fine. But the client is getting the scroll bars on many of his machines. I'm used to compatibility issues but this one is hard to trouble shoot when I'm not getting the issue.

If some of you wonderful people could check out the site and let me know if you get this bug that would be fantastic. Any thought into what could be the cause of this would be GREATLY appreciated!

Cheers All,