I am very much a learner, but I have successfully developed in php an online quiz which uses radio buttons for input, after which the user clicks a submit button, and the result is passed through to the next page. So I at least understand that much.

But now I wish to obtain feedback (on other pages), similar to where Google Help has a simple feedback form at the bottom of each page - "Was this page helpful Yes/No" - with no Submit button, and with a thank you message generated. The differences from the other case are (1) there is no submit button, and (2) I want to update my mysql database (which shouldn't be a problem). I want to do it without the submit button if I can because it is simpler and I think more people will give the feedback if it is one click.

I think Google uses Javascript or Ajax, which I am not familiar with (though if I have to, I'll learn), but I'm wondering first if I can do it with php.

I have searched online, and I cannot get the help I need. Is someone able to help me with these questions please:

1. Can I submit the data to mysql as soon as a button is clicked? If so, how?

2. Would I be much better learning and using Ajax?