So, my boss at a small cafe asked me to put together a website for the cafe where you can order online. i've got almost all of it done but I've run into a bit of a snag with the order form.
The way I've set it up is you select the category of your first item (sandwich, drink, salad, soup, etc.). Once you select that, the rest of the form for that item drops down and you pick what you want on the stuff. All of that works. The problem I'm having trouble with is trying to add more items than 1. I have created a 2nd SPAN area to place the second menu in but i want to use the same function i used the first time.
So i guess what i'm asking is, is there a way to create a SPAN each time the "add item" button is clicked? and also add a new form field?

Also, i have to have this done by tomorrow so time is crucial. thanks!