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    Is it possible to not allow a user to post something to website unless they have Javascript turned on in their browser? The reason I am asking is because in a test website i'm building I have a bad words filter written in javascript that filters submissions from an HTML form and I don't want someone to be able to bypass it by just turning off Javascript.

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    sure it's possible. You can accomplish this in a number of ways but it basically comes down to one premise: have something on the page which is crucial to posting be activated by JavaScript. You can set any crucial page element to "display: none;" in your CSS and then with JavaScript on load set it to display: block; or whatever.

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    You're processing your form on the server-side, correct? Why not disallow the taboo content on the server-side use it as validation just the same? You could return an error, just like you would if the user did not enter an email address or something. That way you completely eliminate the need for that piece of JavaScript altogether.

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    Always use two filters: client-side and server-side

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