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Thread: while loop inside array

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    while loop inside array

    I have a class to change urls from Opencart. There's array of urls and their new values. My problem is I'd like to get those urls and values from mySQL database.

    Original array is something as this:

    PHP Code:
    var $pages = array('contact' => 'common/home''search' => 'product/search', ...); 
    I tried to do it this way:

    PHP Code:
    while ($row mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    $pages[] = array($row['route_seo_url'] => $row['route_old_url']);

    and inside class:

    PHP Code:
    var $pages = array(); 
    but it doesn't work.

    This is whole original code:

    PHP Code:
    class ControllerCommonRoute extends Controller {

    $pages = array('contact' => 'common/home''search' => 'product/search', ...);

        public function 
    check() {

    $uri substr(str_replace(strrchr($this->request->server['REQUEST_URI'], '?'), ''$this->request->server['REQUEST_URI']),);
    $uri = (substr($uri, -1)=='/')? $uri substr($uri0strrpos($uri'/')) : $uri;

    $this->request->get['route'])) AND (trim($uri) <> '')){
    $this->request->get['route'] = $this->pages[$uri];


    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    setting an array value
    PHP Code:
    creating an array variable
    PHP Code:
    PHP Code:
    $pages =array($row['route_seo_url'],$row['route_old_url']);
    $pages[0// route_seo_url
    $pages[1// route_old_url 
    PHP Code:
    $pages[] =array($row['route_seo_url'],$row['route_old_url']);
    $pages[0][0// route_seo_url
    $pages[0][1// route_old_url 
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