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Thread: F: drive, virtual path

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    F: drive, virtual path

    This may be a little off topic or right on, I am haveing a similer problem with an Apache server, I want to direct my customers to their folders which I want to put on Drive F and get it completly out of the C drive and htdocs folder, I have had many views but not one single person can tell me the code to do it. I have code that will work on the local lan but cant get it to work on the www. I think this guy needs the html to change drives or folders. If he does I can get him the info on different folders for his customers but can anyuone help me get my customers on a seperate drive

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    Look at the Apache doc's You have to create a virtual path the the location you want on the web server

    To a web browser there is no such thing as a C: or F: drive. Just another path on the server.

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