Hello, I have a problem with my code - I made a function to manage "divs" - moving them up, down or remove them (these divs are in one "container div" and I am using jQuery .each function to rebuild them to an array).... its working really nice, but .... I can move these boxes only up when I click on down arrow, it does nothing... but the script is working well, I tried it by alert and many times checked the code - I am lost ... here is the script:
function move_element(which, where){
  var begin = new Array();
  var end = new Array();".
  var elements = new Array();
  var found = new Array();
  var old_elements = make_array("positions");
    if(i < where && i != which){
    }else if(i == which){
      found[0] = old_elements[i];
    }else if(i >= where){
make_array() will make an array , refresh_controls just update up, down arrows(delete up for first element and so)....I will be glad for every help .... thank you. If you need more code or so, just ask.