Hi all,

I am having a hugely annoying issue with one of my websites. I am running through compatibility checks for major (and minor) browsers and I have hit a huge problem with Opera.

See the site here... http://obviousouterwear.com

The problem I am facing is that when I use an <img> object behind the top links, the links cease to function. I have tried to use z-index to fix the problem but it seems to be a rendering issue with opera.

You may ask why I am doing things this way in the first place so I will provide a little insight.

The background-image attribute would work perfectly in this instance, if it were able to resize the image size. I may be able to work something up with javascript, but even then there are more compatibility issues with those who do not have javascript. The height of the background must be the height of the content, no larger or smaller or you begin to lose critical areas of detail and specific mappings on areas of the background.

The img tag solution using absolute positioning and a 100% height works simply and correctly, except for in opera. It even works in ie6.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated....