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    LOL, read the manual... Thats what I did do and it told me nothing other than what was within the CMS itself and nothing to do with the issue at hand. To be frank, the CMS wiki is pathetic, it does not provide any user meaningful support. The support in the forum is atrocious and judging by my lurking, I see a pattern.

    I have since ditched CMSMS after it got hacked (and I wonder who, not why or how as the hack forgot about the audit trail and modifaction I made to harvest IP addresses,etc.) so I have started to write my own bespoke version ground up so that I know what goes in, no backdoors and has some of the features of security I was requesting assistance with CMSMS but got blatantly ignored.

    For me, CMSMS showed their true colours. All I can say is use it with caution and if you find all your service requests seem to be turning in to paid support... dot the i's and cross your t's because as sure as a cat is a feline, your being taken for a ride.

    THAT is all I have to say on the matter.

    I have not personally used cmsms so i can't comment on that, but judging from your other replies i'd have to say you just don't know how to use the various software you're talking about. As simple as that...
    Hopefully no one here follows your advice, as cmsms may actually work for their project because they may use it correctly. And yes, security is a common issue with "all" software, as no software is 100% secure, if it is provided for free it is generally up to the developer to secure it, thats nothing new. On top of that it is often individual developers who setup such software incorrectly that cause those insecurities in the first place, i wouldn't be surprised if that was the case here.
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