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Thread: Please Review: My First Site

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    Please Review: My First Site

    Please Review:

    this is my First website http://www.carinpakistan.com/ (under construction )

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    I'd say it's great for your first website. Very simplistic.

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    Nice. On the new car prices tab, I would change the star (explode view) icon to a triangle, or (+) sign, just to make it a tad more obvious. But that is all I can think of at first glance (which is the most important one!)


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    There are a bunch of small mistakes.
    In English it would be "Cars in Pakistan" not the singular "car".
    In the heading "New Cars Prices" it should be "New Car Prices".
    The prices should not have a comma between 4 and 90.
    it should be 490,000. the last entry in the car prices is not consistent with the rest.
    Why not use the world wide agreed upon 3 letter designation for your currency? (PKR)

    I understand it is under construction.
    However this is no reason to put links that do not work.
    It only takes a second to put up a "Coming Soon" page.

    Your search should have default categories of *any.
    What if I want to search for *any* Chevrolet model?

    The New Cars Prices listings should link to the car listing.
    This page needs a call to action.

    In the code you need to work on your SEO and also get the JS and CSS off page.

    The body text should deal with cars, not your webdesign services.
    The "wall of text" should be broken down into easy to read sentences and/or bulleted lists.

    With our state-of-the-art equipment and designing studio, you can be sure that your web design projects will be addressed promptly, efficiently, and
    Your heading tab for the Latest cars is displaced outside the borders in FireFox.
    It is the same to a lesser degree in IE.

    Hope this helped.
    Thanks All.

    Reg Charie

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