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Thread: iframe need help

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    iframe need help

    I have an iframe in one of my sites which works fine, except for the fact that if you move the cursor inside the iframe and then move it out of the iframe the content jumps to the left and stays there in the iframe. Hopefully, you can follow that. If you know what may be causing it, or how to stop this from happening please let me know.

    You can see the iframe at http://www.jkcpa.org/Calendar.htm

    it only does this if it is on one of the pages besides the main page loaded for the iframe.

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    I couldn't get the iframe to gliche. But the load time on your index page was well over one minute...

    Is it gliching in Netscape or IE?

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    1) The page the link lead to took over 2 minutes to load.
    2) I didn't get the glitch either.
    3) You should not have the font-size increase for the a:hover, because it screws up your formatting on some pages. I.e., stuff moves when you hover over links.
    4) Your menu images seem to be quite large to me. 29073Kb for one...

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