I'm having some issues trying to write a function that compares two strings from textboxes. It works fine in IE, but falls over during testing in Chrome and Firefox. I've got a sample of the code here, but I'm unsure as to the best way to make this work across browsers:

    <SCRIPT language="Javascript">
      function testText()
        var txtContent = new String(document.getElementById(arguments[0]).value);
        var confContent = new String(document.getElementById(arguments[1]).value);

        if( txtContent.length >= 4 && txtContent.toLowerCase() == confContent.toLowerCase ) {
        } else {
          alert('No match!');

      <input type='text' name='text1'><br />
      <input type='text' name='text2'><br />
      <input type='button' value='Test' OnClick="testText('text1','text2')">

Any ideas on how I can get this function working across different browsers?