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Thread: Online Flash-based calendar with server-stored data?

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    Online Flash-based calendar with server-stored data?

    Hi, i've been tasked with looking into the feasibility of creating a .swf that contains a working calendar where users can reserve a time-slot.

    I am familiar with Flash and AS3, so I can handle figuring out the code to create a calendar, and allow users to navigate it and select a particular time slot.

    I am also confident that i can have flash read an .xml or some external file containing data on which time slots are already reserved.

    HOWEVER, I have no idea how to get flash to save to that same file when one user reserves a slot, so that it can be dynamically populated by the time slots all the users select. A bonus functionality would be live-updating of the reservations for all users as they are reserved.

    After doing some searches, it sounds like I need a server-side script like ASP, SQL, coldFusion, or PHP to actually save the file, but I have zero experience with these languages and am lost as to where to start.

    Which would be the best/easiest language to use for this flash-interaction, and what requirements does each have for the server it's run on?

    I am hoping I can have it write out an updated .xml which the .swf reads and uses to populate its data arrays.

    Thank you

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    Time slots boking calendar

    Check here Time Slots Booking Calendar
    It's a great PHP calendar script. You can have the full source code; modifying will be a lot easier than starting from a scratch. Either way you can ask for custom changes.

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