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Thread: Help chosing a CMS

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    Help chosing a CMS

    Hello all,

    I am working on starting up a new website, and I have the basic idea of what I want to do with it down, but I can't find a CMS that suits my needs. I was wondering if I could outline what I want to do and then if someone could help me with what a good CMS would be to go with it.

    Basically, I want the site to be able to have a hierarchy structure with unlimited levels. For example, one portion of the tree may be:
    -Amusement Parks
    --Six Flags
    ---Six Flags Great America
    -----Roller Coasters
    -----Thrill Rides
    -----Family Rides
    ---La Ronde
    ---The Great Escape
    --Cedar Fair

    The next thing I'd like to be able to do is to hook galleries and documents with the content. For example, on a certain coaster page, I'd like to have a "construction" gallery, a link to the PDF press release, an "operation" gallery, etc.

    The site is going to have thousands if not millions of articles, all which are editable by the staff. Meaning they have to be able to find the article they want to edit quickly.

    This is not a blog, as the articles are not sorted by their date of creation.

    I don't need users to be able to comment, as this is going to be more of an encyclopedia developed by my staff.

    If someone could please help me out with where would even be a good place to start, I would greatly appreciate it.


    Jon "jonroost" Roost

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    For what you want to do, I wouldn't recommend a stock CMS.
    Code it by hand. Your favorite text editor is your best tool.
    Lay out your basic html template with menu and content areas. You can "fill them in" from a database or just from calling the appropriate hard coded files for each section. Most "out of the box" CMS solutions are over-kill for what it appears that you are planning to do.
    ...but stupidity is terminal.

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    The only reason I want a CMS is because I don't have the time to code it myself. I mean, really all I need is a simple CMS that I can make a hierarchy with and attach galleries/PDFs to. I looked at WordPress and MediaWiki, and I'm actually leaning towards MediaWiki because it is so easily editable. The thing I don't like about MediaWiki is that it doesn't have the tree-style navigation that I want.

    I mean, I can try to code it, but my last experience writing PHP/mySQL websites was in 2007. I'm thinking it might almost be too hard to do it, now.

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