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Thread: Scriptaculous Effect.Appear anomaly in Chrome/Safari

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    Scriptaculous Effect.Appear anomaly in Chrome/Safari

    A simple hide and appear almost straight out of the Wiki. For some reason, however, in Chrome/Safari, the second element (nav) disappears abruptly after appearing. It works perfectly in IE6/7/8 and FF. Does anyone know why Chrome/Safari won't properly Both elements have no display styles. I've tried a few different ways, but the Effect.Appear method just doesnt work correctly in Chr/Saf

    you can see the live page at http://chiefmoney.com

    document.observe("dom:loaded", function() {
    	$('content', 'nav').invoke('hide');
    	Effect.multiple(['content', 'nav'], Effect.Appear, { speed:1.0 });

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    I have not checked Chrome (actually don't have) but it works in Safari 4.0 (Windows) if you give the "nav" div any height other than 0 in the css for it, such as: height:1em; , but using "auto" won't work either.

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    Thanks, it was height of the 'nav' element that was the problem. Setting it to 1em made it appear, but only the tops of the links responded to rollover, so I set it to a specific height and it works.

    thanks a lot.

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    I'm having what I think is the same problem. If you view this web page in chrome:

    At the top there is a ticker. It works fine in IE/FF. The bottom item fades off, works fine. The new one scrolls in from the top using Effect.Appear. It shows for a split second then immediately dissapears again. Here is a typical div for one of the news items:
    <div id="news601735" style="vertical-align: middle; display:none"><a rel="nofollow" href="/forums/showthread.php?t=601735">The best trumpet player ever</a><span class="bluegrey"><b>  .  44 Replies</b></span></div>
    Results in the item showing for a split second then immediately dissapearing. I tried adding in a height style property and had no luck. What am I missing?

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