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Thread: DOM custom property problem

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    Unhappy DOM custom property problem

    Here it is:
    subClass.prototype = document.createElement( 'div' );
    subClass.prototype.constructor = subClass;
    function subClass() {
    	this.x = 5;
    var divTested = new subClass;
    divTested.id = 'test';
    alert(divTested.x); // works (result is 5)
    $('#test').click(function() {alert(this.x);}); // doesnt work!
    $('#test').css({'height': 30, 'width': 50, 'background': 'red'});

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    Browsers probably aren't handling the DOM element as a prototype object very well, besides, the subClass class is not actually a sub class of an HTMLDivElement, so the appendChild method call is probably failing.

    You've only created a fake sub class. If browsers properly supported it, you might do:
    function MyDiv() {}
    MyDiv.prototype = {
      __PROTO__: HTMLDivElement.prototype
    The __PROTO__ property sets up inheritance in JavaScript, which has prototype based objects rather than class based objects. The __PROTO__ property is the prototype chain that JavaScript uses for property lookups when you do something like "foo.bar" in JavaScript.

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    Unhappy not successful

    I dont know how to implement your advise, i still get this error:
    uncaught exception: [Exception... "Could not convert JavaScript argument arg 0 [nsIDOMHTMLBodyElement.appendChild]" nsresult: "0x80570009 (NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_CONVERT_JS)" location: "JS frame :: file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/test.htm :: <TOP_LEVEL> :: line 27" data: no]
    I am trying it in firefox4.0.1

    It seems to me that appendChild doesnt support own properties of elements.

    Or could you send me working example? Where you create div element, than you give it own property and after it you place it into DOM and finaly you read that property from DOM element. (i have bypass through custom attributes, but it makes code messy, custom property seems to be more elegant solution, but I cant make it works)

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    Hi, luckylooke. Your prototype chains look correct to me. And in fact, the inheritance does work to some degree. For instance, you can access divTested.nodeName. But, nonetheless, appendChild doesn't like it. And after googling around, I found many other people trying the same sort of thing, but no solutions for any of them.

    Unfortunately, we may have to accept that this just doesn't work, and for no apparent reason either.

    The closest alternative you can do is to copy your custom properties into a new DIV object.

    function subClass() {
        var self = document.createElement('div');
        // copy custom properties into the div
        for (var property in subClassCustomProperties) {
            self[property] = subClassCustomProperties[property];
        // anything else you want to add
        self.x = 5;
        return self;
    var subClassCustomProperties = {
        customMethod: function () {
    var divTested = subClass(); // returns a modified div element
    divTested.id = 'test';
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    i realize the code below is "cheating", but i think it accomplishes what the OP was trying to do. i like how it has closure in the methods and fits in one little new-less constructor.
    the problem with re-using a single element on prototype is that when you call append, it actually appends the prototype div instead of the newly instantiated object. (silent fallback?)

    this means you can only use it once, and it's spent.
    so, you really need a fresh element each time.
    furthermore, document.createElement does more than just new HTMLDivElment; it syncs up namespaces and native dom properties, allowing you to use the created elementObect in the document.

    considering this, you have two or three main options.
    1. custom object, loop dupe'd props (show by mott)
    2. native div, apply() dupe'd props (show below)
    3. regular old factories (you know the drill)

    function subClass(strContent) {
    	if(!this.nodeName){//re-cast with fresh div:
              var t=document.createElement( 'div' );
             return t;
       //regular constructor code goes below:
       this.x = Math.random()*9e9;
       this.onclick=function() {alert(this.x + " - " + strContent );}; 
    }//end subClass()
    var divTested = subClass("Hello World");
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