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Thread: Video Resolution Problem

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    Video Resolution Problem

    Hi everybody.
    I have a website (www.fadibidan.com) which was created by a professional. I have some videos which were converted from MP4 to FLV. The problem is that after being converted to FLV with Bit comet FLV converter, the resolution became worse.
    I would like to know whether it is a must to convert the videos to FLV to display on my website?
    And - I asked the creator whether it's possible to make the video one size bigger when clicking on it instead making it full screen. He said it couldn't be done.
    I've seen videos of this kind in MySpace. So, it is possible, it CAN be done!!!
    I just would like to know HOW it is done. I would appreciate your help very much.

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    There are a couple of reasons that the quality degraded when converted from mp4 to .flv.
    First, the video files were compressed when converted, that is made smaller by destroying some of the data. Compare the mp4 file size of 5.95 MB with 3.9 MB for the .flv file. This conversion process does not have to compress the video file like this. The video bitrate must be maintained to produce the best quality. Also, Iím not sure how good Bit comet FLV converter is at this conversion process. Different converters will produce different results, but the bitrate of the conversion process will be most important.
    The second reason that the quality has degraded is because the video display aspect ratio was changed, making the video display slightly shorter than itís supposed to be. To see what I mean, view the attached photo. In the top left is web page video display. The code shows the area for the video player is:
    width="320" height="240"
    If the controls are over the top of the video, this would be the correct size (compare to CIDM player at top right, controls are over the video screen). But in the case of your player, the controls are below the video. These controls take up 20 pixels or so, but are being forced to fit within the 240 pixels set in the code. So the controls push the video up those 20 pixels, squishing the video somewhat. While the video itself is in fact 320 X 240 pixels, if you include controls, the space required is at least 260 pixels for the height.
    Compare the QuickTime player, playing the mp4 version of the same file in the bottom left. The video is 320 X 240, the controls require extra space.
    As for having a larger size video, of course it can be done. This will of course require more data to produce the same quality video. In other words, a higher bitrate. For example, your 320 X 240 video will display good quality video with a bitrate of 400kbps. Increasing the video size to 400px X 300px, requires more than 1.5 times the data to produce the same results (or a bitrate of at least 400x1.5 = 600kbps). So for viewers with fast enough Internet connections, they can download the larger size (and bitrate) of YouTube videos, but the fast Internet connection IS required.
    Your Web design company should have know all the details above. The fact that they donít, raises questions about how ďprofessionalĒ they really are.
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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    Thanks for your reply, I ll tell to creater "proffesional", to put controls over the vedio, we will see the resuilt

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    Dear if I want my vedios become 720x480 after clicking on play, is it possible if yes could you point me to any resouces please ?

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    Sorry but I don't know of any ready made players. But it would not be that tough for a Flash developer to create a custom player that would do the trick. Or do it yourself if you can work with Flash. Here's an example of a dual size custom player. Viewer can choose 320 X 240 video at 400kbps bitrate for viewers with slower Internet connections and a 450 X 338 video at 1000kbps for viewers with faster Internet connections.
    The 720 X 480 video size is a TV resolution not a computer monitor resolution. TV's use rectangle pixels (taller than they are wide) while computers use square ones so the dimensions will be different in each to give the exact same display. To view the larger size on a computer monitor, the correct dimensions for a 720 wide video would be 540 pixels high. To maintain the same quality as the smaller video, it would be best to render a second, higher bitrate video to display at the larger resolution. That video would need to be rendered at 4.5 times the bitrate of the smaller video to give the same quality results.
    Best wishes,

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