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Thread: Allowing a Client to Add Photos

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    Allowing a Client to Add Photos


    I am working on a project now, just a simple website. As of now it is just static XHTML/CSS. The client would like to be able to add pictures themselves to a single gallery page. The gallery itself does not have to be anything elaborate, just basic.

    Does anyone have any recommendations of how to go about allowing the client to add photos? I want to keep it as easy for them as possible, but also want to keep the setup time on my end reasonable. I contemplated using WordPress for the site, but I decided that might be too much, as I the only thing the client needs to be able to do is periodically add photos. Any thoughts?

    Thank you for your time

    Edit: Just realized I posted this in PHP. Is it possible to move it?

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    There is a sticky link at the top for How to upload images with php that would work for you. There really isn't any way to do it with static html, There needs to be some form of server interaction. There are also many other free scripts which can be downloaded to do this also.
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    Thank you. I didn't even mean to post in the PHP forum, but I am glad I did haha. I will read over the sticky.

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