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    My Video Site

    Hello. I'm a retired high school teacher who has been developing video tutorials for high school math students.

    I've been wanting to put them up on the internet and sell them on a website for a while, but I couldn't get in touch with anybody who could do it - I'm from a small rural community, not a lot of webdesigners around my area.

    I finally got in touch with someone a little while ago and they came up with http://www.mathtubetutor.com. I ended up paying quite a bit of money for the site and I want to know what the professionals on here think of it - is it a good site?

    Too bad I didn't come across this forum sooner or I may have found someone on here who could do it for less money! In any case, I'd appreciate some feedback on my website - the videos are selling, but slowly, and I'm looking for anything I can to improve to maybe make more people buy them/appeal to more people...anything!


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    I don't see anything wrong with that site, granted I only glanced at the coding, but what I saw was contemporary. I think it's a pretty good look also.

    We actually don't allow solicitations for employment on the forum, but we do have the site which is pictured in my signature for finding freelancers. Just in case you should need somebody in the future.

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    As a whole your site is nice, but the coloration of the page looks unserious and doesn't cause trust, to my mind. I think you should decrease the quantity of bright colors on your site.

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