Hello all!

Have had great (as in helpful!) feedback from here before, so thought I'd try again. I've taken a lot of the comments from earlier on board, and am in the process of a major redesign. A couple of examples of the old versus new pages are below.

I've worked on both the "look" and the html elegance (not that I really know what I'm talking about on that score!), so would love your comments.

Thanks, Simon.

old: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/home.html
new: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/trainingreality.html

old: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/where.html
new: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/where1.html

old: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/what.html
new: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/what1.html

old: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/us.html
new: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/us1.html

old: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/praise.html
new: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/praise1.htm