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Thread: Website redesign...is it worth it?

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    Website redesign...is it worth it?

    Hello all!

    Have had great (as in helpful!) feedback from here before, so thought I'd try again. I've taken a lot of the comments from earlier on board, and am in the process of a major redesign. A couple of examples of the old versus new pages are below.

    I've worked on both the "look" and the html elegance (not that I really know what I'm talking about on that score!), so would love your comments.

    Thanks, Simon.

    old: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/home.html
    new: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/trainingreality.html

    old: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/where.html
    new: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/where1.html

    old: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/what.html
    new: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/what1.html

    old: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/us.html
    new: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/us1.html

    old: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/praise.html
    new: http://www.trainingreality.co.uk/praise1.htm

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    Yes, it's absolutely worth it.

    While you are already doing the redesign, I would recommend going over your entire site for any SEO improvements you can make.

    Just based on what you have there, you can improve the SEO friendliness of the site by using keywords seperated by dashes to name your pages. Instead of "us.html", change it to "about-training-reality.html" or something more descriptive to the search engine.

    Also look at renaming your images in the same way to allow the search engine to make more sense of them. Instead of "towerlogo.jpg" or whatever it is, name it "training-reality-logo.jpg" or something like that, and be sure to use the ALT tag to describe the picture to a visually impaired person (Google loves this).
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    Great stuff - thanks Buzzlord. Am working on both of those issues so hopefully Google will decide to love me!

    I'm also trying to slim down the html code a lot, as I gather the Google Caffeine thing will take into account page speed more than in the past. The pages are coming out at between 30%-50% of the original size, which I'm quite pleased with.

    I've also used the W3C tool, and all the pages I've re-built so far I've managed to get clean...it's a slow process, but I'm getting there!


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    Great sites... I agree with Buzzloard, you should prepare your website for SEO Activities.

    Ivan SHieldon Llesol

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