I am implementing a XML database for my webpage. The idea is that the user will enter their information into a simple HTML form. My javascript will then parse, validate and then append the data as as new nodes to my XML file.

I have done the parsing of the form by document.getElementByID().value (which works well), and loaded and edited my XML document with the *.appendChild() method. However, nothing happens to the XML file that was loaded.

I occurred to me that maybe I had to 'commit' my changes, but I cannot find the correct method to do so on the w3c schools. I have found a micro$oft extention to the XML DOM that is called *.save() that I suppose would do the job. I am no fan of micro$oft however, and having made the rest of my site standards-compliant, it feels like crap having to use *one* MS extension.

Bottom line: Is there a standards-compliant way of saving an XML document to a file on the server?